We’re all set to give you some travel goals - check out this tree house in Kerala for a long-overdue chilling sesh with your friends! Vythiri Resort in Kerala is one beautiful place with some lovely tree houses to go park yourself at.

Wrapped in the lush embrace of a rain forest, this one is a beauty where you can go to simply get away from the madding crowds of the city and calm yourself down. They’ve got some great facilities too, like a nice spa, a rejuvenating ayurvedic centre, a coffee shop, health club, swimming pool and kids park. But the one thing that stole the show for us is that they have a natural pool! OMG! 

The natural pool is a lake where you can go take a dip whenever the fancy strikes you! They’ve got a Honeymoon Pool Villa, Tree House, Pool Villa, Honeymoon Villa and Vythiri Haven, so book whichever one you like, folks! 

Booking your tickets to Kerala right about now? We’re right there with ya! 

Where | Vythiri Resort - Wayanad 673 576 Kerala
Tariff | Rs 16,000 Onwards
Book Rooms Online On | http://www.vythiriresort.com/index.html#page
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/vythiriresorts/

Here’s Some More Pretty Pictures Of The Property!