Stress is probably the most-often uttered word while describing our day-to-day city life. And all the men out there would defo agree with us on this. Which is why UrbanClap has come to the rescue!

De-Stress With A Massage | Offering us the best of at-home services, UrbanClap recently started their Massage For Men service, where men can book and receive the most de-stressing massages at home, starting at JUST Rs 499! *Say Whaaa!* You heard us, guys! 

You’ll be given massages by the most experienced and trained male therapists, who will carry their own massage bed, natural essential oils and will create a beautiful environment in your home using candles, soothing music and perfumes. Yes, it’s THAT awesome! 

So all you men out there, this is your chance to unwind and bid your worries and stress goodbye! You can go for different categories of massages like a 40-minute head, shoulder and back massage to a 60-minute full body massage. 

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Price | Rs 499 Onwards
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