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Update: There's Gonna Be A 60-Foot Long, Live BBQ Trailer @ Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please

For the first time ever, there’s gonna be a 60 foot long, live BBQ grill set up at a food festival and OMG we can’t wait to gorge on some meaty delights there! So first things first, Pepsi presents Horn OK Please, Delhi’s Original Food Truck Festival, is back with a bang for their second edition and it’s going to be bigger and better! 

Meaty Delights Galore! | There’s going to be a lot of food for you guys to go godzilla on, from food trucks to a Waffle Mart and a bunch of Dessert Carts, you’ll find everything here at Pepsi presents Horn OK Please. But the one thing that we’ve never seen before and just can’t wait to go check out, is the 60 foot long live BBQ trailer where there’ll be freshly BBQ-ed meats and veggies! YUM! 

Smokey meats, with chilled beer and good music, sounds perfect right? Head on over to Pepsi presents Horn OK Please and experience all these ah-mazing things under one roof! There’s Bira91, Hookah Craft and a perfectly set up H.O.P. Stage with a lineup of homegrown artists like never before! 

When | Saturday & Sunday, 4th & 5th November
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
Where | Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
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