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Update On The Pay & Pee Situation: Women Now Allowed To Use Restaurant Loos Free For A Month

Remember the Pay & Pee news that took the city for a whirl? Looks like it’s a win win situation for ladies right now! On a month’s trial basis, women will be allowed to use restaurant and hotel loos for free. Cool!

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of South Delhi has agreed to open their toilets to women only for a month’s trial period and that too for free. Though the members of this association have said that they would restrict entry to those who they feel are found breaching the safety and security of the restaurants or misusing the facility! Fair enough!

Considering how women’s public toilets are not sufficient in number, it’s good to finally have an option now. After considering how this one month goes, further policy decisions will be taken.

Here’s to hoping for good, hygienic sanitation options!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times