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Up For a Hair-Raising Horror Play? Catch Barff @ Kamani Auditorium

Is a hair-raising play or movie the way you like to while away a leisurely evening? If so, then Barff will literally blow your mind! It's a journey of a doctor who agrees to visit a haunted village along with a man who's child is on the verge of dying. Woah!

As the doctor approaches the village he comes across some strange news. Certain things come to light  - like it's a ghost village deserted by everybody due to a terrorist attack. Now there are just three inhabitants who're the ones the doctor needs to visit. 

Could it get any spookier? Yes indeed it can. Watch it to find out people!

Where | Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House
When | 11th - 13th March
Timings | 8 PM Onwards
Entry | Rs 300 - 2,500