Twisting the in-room dining experience with their own unique touch, The Park has recreated yet another ‘Anything But Ordinary’ experience by unveiling their stupendous new menu called ‘The Park Picnic’. Merrily drawing inspiration from childhood memories of “relaxed meals served tiffin style”, their Executive Chef Basu is evoking warm nostalgia in us - here’s how!

What’s in Store | To nudge you down memory lane, they serve yummy dishes in customized trolleys and colorful tiffins (aww!). They also have a an array of eclectic delicacies to offer, which includes My Own Tea Picnic with Vada Pao and Pakoras, The Tropical Picnic with Kathi Rolls and Biryani, and The European Picnic with Homemade Breads & Soups.

All of these nummy dishes will set you back by Rs 975 onwards.

We can’t wait to open our heaping tiffins full of these delicacies - come join us!

Location | 15, Parliament Street, CP