Have you ever requested for a hotel room for a 10 or 12 hour stay period and received dirty looks in return? Did that Jab We Met scene just cross your mind too? Well, at Stay Uncle there's no judgement and even an option of booking 10 hour slots is available!

StayUncle, the brainchild of Sanchit Sethi, was conceptualized with the objective of providing short duration, convenient stays to people. This startup is one that wouldn't hold back unmarried couples from sharing a room too, the only criteria being a valid ID. 

Did you know StayUncle has tied up with some big names like Oberoi and Trident too? So when you just need a 12 hour stay, never pay for the entire day again! Go for StayUncle.

Check Them Out Online Here | http://www.stayuncle.com/home
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