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Uncle Chips Lover? Try The Chatpata Uncle Chips Bruschetta @ Office Canteen Bar, CP Now!

Gaining popularity as being one of the latest co-working cafes that have popped up in Delhi, Office Canteen Bar is adored for reasons more than one. Deriving its name from the design, the joint’s first floor looks like a workplace and the latter works as a canteen/bar. 

Beautifully designed to please your eyes, the haunt has also been gifted with a double rooftop and two sets of bars! No yeah, you read that right. The two bars cater to different demands, for instance the second one on the roof depicts a theka and meets the needs of people sitting there. *Wow, impressive* 

The rooftop there provides a spectacular view and the huge place can accommodate a large number of people. Read on to know about the one dish you can happily gorge on at your next visit!

Uncle Chips Bruschetta | Unlike its peers, OCB uses mini bread loaves, with toppings comprising fried okra aka lady fingers, crushed and mixed with nacho chips, topped with a splash of mozzarella cheese and garnished with cilantro. This is served with a small portion of Uncle Chips and salsa dip. Needless to say, the presence of multiple ingredients makes it even more appetizing! A cautionary tip: eat it all up before it turns soggy, peeps. 

Don’t miss out on this one anyhow. See you soon?

Price | Rs 195
GPS This | P-21/90, 1st & 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, CP