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UberGo & OlaMicro Rates to Rise Every Time You Travel Beyond 20 Kms!

Picture Credits: tech news

Ola and Uber users, watch out for extra charges now being levied on rides exceeding 20 kms in the Delhi / NCR region. Looks like our taxi rides are going to burn holes in our pockets soon!

Uber has announced higher rates for long travels in Kolkata, Guwahati, Vizag and Bhubaneshwar as well, where this rule applies beyond every 12-15 kms itself. The aim behind this is to make sure that ride availability is always on hand, while still justifying their own costs.

In case of UberGo, the rates will be Rs 12 / km post 20 kms, though for less than 20 kms the rate will only be Rs 6 / km, and the same rates go for OlaMicro as well! 

Though the rates are still not super high, things surely will change post this!

Sourced via Indian Express