So Delhi

#UberDeal: Travel Anywhere Within Delhi & GGN Today & Tomorrow For 100 Bucks (Or Less)!

Uber users, sit up straight and pay attention! There’s an all-new scheme and it’s valid only till tomorrow, i.e. 13th January. So now you can travel to any place within the city lines of Gurgaon and Delhi for Rs 100 or less!

Yes as crazy as it sounds, this is legit peeps. Between the time span of 11 AM - 5 PM, you can travel anywhere between Gurgaon and Delhi and no matter how much your total fare is, you’ll only have to pay Rs 100! So like if you’re headed to CP from JNU and your fare comes up to say 200 bucks, you’ll only be charged Rs 100! Woohoo!

Good time to take an Uber right? Hell yeah! 

Sourced via Uber