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Uber Will Not Be Imposing ANY Surge Pricing During Odd-Even & This Is Awesome!

With the odd-even scheme back in action, most of us will be seen taking a cab in and around the city in order to get to places and thus, Uber has decided to be a lil nice to us and let go of the surge prices! Thank god! 

Uber’s Doing Their Good Deed | Uber is all set to fully commit to supporting the upcoming Odd-Even scheme and is providing its services in the best way possible. Thus, in order to do their little part, they’re going let go of surge prices, offer subsidised rates for rides taken to and from metro stations, and reduced fares for pool rides. Awesome!

Since the Odd-Even scheme will be on between 8 AM - 8 PM everyday from the 13th - 17th of November, and only a small class of people will be exempt, Uber will be our knight in shining armour! 

Sourced Via The Economic Times