We’re swooning over the beautiful, alfresco Unplugged Courtyard and it’s for all the right reasons! They’ll without a doubt sweep you off your feet with their innovative dishes and cocktails - here's our take!

Gobble These Up | The Ganna Chicken, Paneer Ghosla, Maggi Momos, Frozen Lollipops and their Meaty Candies is what they brag about!

Slurp These Crazy Cocktails | A white rum-based cocktail, the Giordano; a gin-based lychee cocktail, the Roji; Jack blended with peanut butter and vanilla cream (wow!) served with coffee smoke and the splendid Cowboy that’s got White Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Whiskey - they simply snatched away all our brownie points for sure! *Happy grins*

A meal for two here would cost approximately Rs 1,600. Unplugged Courtyard is one place you simply have to go chill at!

Exactly Where It Is | Near Odeon Cinema, L Block, CP