Given the sedentary lifestyles that we are leading these days, healthy food has become more of a necessity; but we've got a rule that if it's not tasty, we aren’t up for it! 

Given that oats are one of the most nourishing options available, we often bank on them for our ‘healthy quota of the day’; however, being super finicky, we always go for Quaker and its wholesome variety.

We know oats sound like the last thing on your to-eat list, but Quaker just made oats an exciting option with its #BringYourTastiestBowl challenge initiated by Vikas Khanna. This challenge has created such a wave amongst people that you can see them whipping up scrumptious recipes using oats as their base. Way to go, Quaker!

Now that we've tempted you, let us tell you about a blog we found quite intriguing - stumbling upon Twilight Fairy's entry, we saw a Mango Basil Oats Phirni recipe along with an Oats Til Ladoo. Never could we fathom the existence of such healthy and delicious pairings!

Need to get your diet plans on track? Go through this blog thoroughly :