Bille Di Hatti is to a growling tummy what water is to a parched throat! No, we’re not exaggerating. If scrummy chole puri is what you consider soul food, then this famous, decades-old deatery in Kamla Nagar is where you need to be!

Heavenly Chole Puri On The Cheap | A proper Dilliwalla can’t resist the awesome sauce Chole Puri that this place dishes out! The spicy chole and the yummy chutney and spices will give you a crazy explosion of flavours in your mouth! 

A bite into the crispy puri will defo make you crave for more, and you get all this for just Rs 55! *WOAH* 

And if you have an accompanying glass of lassi, masala marke, then you’re pretty much sorted! Seeya there, hogging away!

Price | Rs 55
Where | Bille Di Hatti - 72-D, Kamla Nagar