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Pay Tribute To Martin Luther King & Mahatma Gandhi @ The Garden Of Gandhi King Plaza



The name Gandhi King Plaza may sound odd to most people who are not aware of its significance. This small pool garden tucked away in one corner of the India International Centre (IIC) is where both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, the black rights activist of America, come together on a pillar with their famous quotes inscribed on it.

A Hidden Gem

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When you reach IIC, at 40, Max Mueller Marg which is an exclusive reserve of intellectuals from all walks of life, take a left turn on the driveway and you’ll arrive at a pavement which leads to a flight of stairs that will take you through a small gate to step out into a wide open space full of greenery and charm beyond words.

Most of the premises are off limits to non-members, but the Gandhi King Plaza is open to all if you’re curious enough to visit. This little secretive garden has not been tormented by unruly crowds of people and is left alone by itself in solitude and peace.

The Flora

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The twin trees positioned here are huge and overbearing by all standards. The twisted, knotted trunks which intertwine like snakes are several feet thick and the branches and green leaves stretch out in all directions like a great green umbrella covering the grounds below with patches of the sun shining through the swaying branches and leaves overhead.

Most of the area is hence covered under the shade, providing relief to those who like to seek solace in the scorching summers. Some chairs lying nonchalantly around are the only piece of furniture for the people who care to spend a few hours in the otherwise monotonous surroundings here.

Immortal Quotes

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The grey four-sided pillars are the reason why this place exists as they are inscribed with immortal sayings of two great souls - Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, which will make you stop and think. Except for some exhibitions that are held on its grounds, it’s a place both out of mind and out of sight, which makes it special for those seeking some quiet ‘me’ time.

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Watching the pool water sans any ripples and the saucer-like green leaves of the lily and lotus plants on the water surface can transport you into another state of awareness, much like a Zen garden!

The pink half-bloomed lotus flowers sticking out of the water can make you feel detached from the world around you, leaving you unburdened and lighter as you leave this amazing little place - come on by!

Where | The Garden Of Gandhi King Plaza - 40, Lodhi Road, Institutional Area, Lodi Colony