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Housing An Extensive Collection of Tribal Artifacts - Go Explore The Tribal Museum

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As we move forward in time, to newer and greater avenues, the risk of leaving the past behind lurks. The India we live in today is a beautifully composite land created out of the constant evolution of thousands of cultures. India is a country of amalgamation of cities from the past as well as the present; of people from all walks of life; a rich tapestry of colours.

India’s tribal culture is diverse, fascinating and unfortunately, dwindling despite the efforts of concerned individuals & organizations. However an institution exists that preserves some rare artifacts & insights into this amazing aspect of the heritage.


The building that houses the Tribal Museum is officially known as the Thakkar Bapa Smarak Sadan and is located not far from the Jhandewalan Metro Station in Delhi’s central quarter. Set up by the Bharatiya Adimjati Seva Sangh, it also houses a library that stocks over 5000 titles and is a haven for research scholars and academics.

On Display

The museum has four halls which showcases a large variety of articles for daily and ceremonial use. Murals on the walls depict scenes that display the way of life of the various tribes of India. The museum’s four halls are stocked with various tools of bone, metal and stone that is indicative of the tribal way of life, the way they chopped their wood, the way they cut their crops and the way they hunted. 

Arrows, bows, spears & knives offer an insight into their weaponry and styles of combat. Musical instruments made out of bamboo and other locally sourced materials are an important indicator of folk art & culture.

Masks, amulets and strings of beads offer an insight into their ceremonies and the ways in which they used to and perhaps still decorate themselves. Dioramas made with painstaking attention to detail depict the tribals going about their daily life, their social and cultural ceremonies, often coexisting harmoniously with the natural world around them.

The museum, tucked as it is in a little nook, is not one that throngs with visitors, though it certainly deserves a lot more attention. Pay a visit whenever you want to go off the beaten track. 

If you give Delhi a chance, it will never fail to amaze you!

Timings | 11 AM - 2:30 PM
Exact Address | Thakkar Bapa Smarak Sadan, Link Road Dr. Ambedkar Road