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Trendy and Chic - KICHU Has us Swooning Over It's Gold Baubles!

Founder Kichu Dandiya completed her B.A.Hons in jewellery from London and then went to Jaipur to hone her skills and start this brand called KICHU which we can't stop gushing over. 

KICHU's inspiration is drawn in from various ethnicities into a modern concept and is all about taking gold jewellery to a whole new level of innovation!

What's So Different | It's visible in their collection that they’re highly influenced by traditional wear, but the products are so unique and modernly designed that you're bound to love them!

Some pieces we absolutely love are their Shark Tooth Earrings and Bison Head Necklace. 

You can usually catch them at exhibitions, but soon their online store will be launched. Stay tuned for more deets! 

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