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#TravelTuesdays: Say Hello to Bengaluru's First Zero-Waste Hostel Called Cuckoo Hostel!

Bengaluru is home to a lot of travellers, and Cuckoo Hostel serves as the perfect haven for them! Bengaluru's first ever zero-waste hostel, this place is an inspiration in its own way.

The founder’s aim was to build an eco-friendly living space with the motto ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ and we must say he’s done a fabulous job! The hostel has been reconstructed out of an old house, and from the furniture to the interiors, to even the sinks and table tops, everything is made from recycled material. Awesome!

Industrial packaging material is used to make beds, and a lot of old damaged stuff was used to make quirky decoration items for the terrace garden which has plants growing out of old trees. 

Travellers visiting Bangaluru, please head over to this cute little hostel and enjoy your stay there! 

Where | 6th F Cross Road, Koramangala
Call Them |+91 7204 156 880
Book Online Here | http://www.cuckoohostels.com/