Delhi Insider

Travelling Domestic With Just Hand Baggage? Now You Can Whizz Pass Check-In Queues!

Have you had to stand in the extensively long line for check in even though you’re only travelling with one hand bag? Domestic travellers, here’s some good news for you guys. So soon, all domestic passengers who are travelling with only hand baggage will have a way to get through check in easier and quicker! 

The Hyderabad airport model will be replicated in Delhi too now, in which a passenger is frisked at the entry gate and can go straight to the boarding point bypassing the check-in and security area. The only catch here is that to avail this, the passenger needs to have an e-boarding pass or a print out of their web check in! Not bad at all! 

At the Hyderabad airport, a biometric-cum-bar code reader is installed so the passengers can use their mobile phones for check-in, and the same will soon be installed in Delhi’s domestic airport too! We’re sure a lot of time will be saved by this move. 

So all those of you ‘light’ travellers, it’s soon going to be time to boast about this amazing quality! YAY! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times