Picture Courtesy: Campus Diaries

“We will not waver; we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. Freedom and Peace will prevail”- George W. Bush. Such is the essence of youth and what better than college days that can encapsulate this state of mind and what better than college cultural societies which can celebrate this new found indulgence. 

Kirori Mal College

The college has a distinguished and buzzing on-going cultural activity in the form of drama, theatre, music, fine arts, photography, dance and films. These are organised through several cultural societies, namely: The Players (Theatre Group Society), DEBSOC (The Debating and Quiz Society), Musoc (The Music Society), FAPS (Fine Arts and Photography Society), Sensation (The Dance Society).


The Players

This theatre society has a golden history of 52 years. It hosts its inter-college theatre festival annually and showcases and analyses the best college street and stage plays of the year in a non-competitive format.

The Film Society

This society exposes students to a rich variety of cinematic work and critical perspective on cinema. It remains active throughout the year and the society screens a wide repertoire of films ranging from Indian to foreign films, old classics and contemporary films to documentaries and feature films. 

Hansraj College

The college has one of the most active and prestigious societies with an amalgamation of the brightest minds across a whole host of courses that the college offers. Here are some of the prominent societies of the college: English Debating Society, Insignia (The English Literary Society), History Society, Swaranjali (The Music Society), Terpsichorean (The Choreography Society), Hindi Literary Society, Dramatics Society, Botanical Society, Haritma (Environmental Awareness Committee), Navankur (Helping Differently Abled Students), Ordinateaur (The Computer Science Society), Sanskrit Literary Society, Lumen (The Physics and Electronics Society), Zoological Society, The Chemical Society and Sanskrit Literary Society, Sanksriti.


Dramatics Society

The society holds its annual fest called ECLAT where the best plays in the DU theatre circle are invited to perform and compete amongst each other. The Hansraj dramatic Society has always created a buzz in the university’s theatre group. 


Hindu’s music society sees a flood of applicants for auditions each year and only the best are selected. The society encourages music of all forms from folk to rock to metal music and what not. 

Hindu College

The college organizes various extra-curricular activities carried out through different & vibrant societies that are top notch and fun at the same time. Some of the popular societies here are: Alankar (The Indian Music Society), Western Music Society, Vagmi (The Hindi Debating Society), English Debating Society, Ibtida (Hindi Dramatics Society), Masque (The English Dramatics Society), Vivre (The Film and Photography Society), Fine Arts Society, Mountaineering Society, Choreography and Fashion Society, Manthan (The Quiz Society) and Environment Society, Abstractions (The Fine Arts Society), Panchtatva (The Environment Society) Earthlings’ (The Wildlife Society).



This society was founded by the popular Indian director Imtiaz Ali who still takes active interest in making the society better. This society also holds its annual theatre fest “Medina” which is a big hit in the university. 


The term literally means “to live”. This society organizes its annual fest “Snap” that includes various photography competitions. The group’s monthly events include movie analysis, outdoor excursions and photo walks.

St. Stephens

The college has several self-motivated societies that promote activities from academic to cultural interest, some of them being: Bazam-E-Adab (The Urdu Literature Society), Choreography Society, The Debating Society, Music Society, Wildlife Society, Hiking Club, English Literary Society, Photographic Society, Fine Arts Society, Shakespeare Society, Shakespeare Sabha, Quiz Club, Gandhi Study Circle, Kooler Talk, Cine Club and Wodehouse Society.



A first of its kind, this society is also one of the oldest societies associated with the college. It explores different genres of Urdu Literature which are varied and also distinct from one another. Every year they organize events that enliven the mood and spirit of Bazm-e-Adab.

Wildlife Society

The wildlife society of Stephens is one of the most active societies amongst similar clubs and societies all over DU. It isn’t just involved in wildlife issues but also takes an interest and addresses various environmental concerns. The society hosts an annual fest ‘Prakriti’ which is attended by many prominent NGOs like WWF and PETA.

Kamla Nehru College

This all girls, South Campus College is quite popular for its societies. With only girls around the college, it hasn’t limited itself to any particular activity but instead has proved its mettle in every field. Crossfire (English Debating Society), Enigma (Western Dance), Abhivyakti (Hindi Debating Society), Zephyr (Western Music), Glitz (Fashion Society), Adagio (Choreography Society) Luminosco (Fine Arts Society), Kaleidoscope (Quiz Society), Srijan (Hindi Creative Writing) Nupur (Indian Dance Society), Green Beans (Environment society), Sangeetika (Indian Classical Music Society) Wide Angle (Film Society), Expressions (English Creative Writing) and Book Club.



The society is put together by fashion lovers and individuals that take every aspect of fashion seriously. Various publications have declared it to be the best Fashion Society in DU. The society salutes every aspect of womanhood and amalgamates it with fashion to create looks that gives a boost to the personality within.


The society provides a forum for developing public speaking and debating skills amongst students. The team comprises of enthusiastic and committed debaters who help train and develop the talent of freshers.

SPIC MACAY (The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth)

This society is common to all DU colleges. Established by Dr Kiran Seth in 1977 at IIT Delhi, the society co-ordinates with its guardian body to organise cultural performances by artists who are acclaimed world-wide and is a converging point for all classical music and dance form lovers. Santoor Maestro Padamshree Pandit Bhajan Sapori, Ustad Imrat Khan, Pandit Debu Chaudhuri, among others have given captivating performances in DU.

So get ready to loosen up that harness and rejoice the true colours of Delhi University.