Looking into women’s safety, the Delhi State Transport Authority has decided to make it compulsory to put ‘child-lock’ stickers on cabs! They’ve asked drivers to introduce a minimum of 4 stickers on their cabs which will indicate to the passengers to disable the child lock facility in the cab. 

This is being very strictly introduced, so much so, that cabs in Delhi will get permits only if drivers put up these stickers. Simply to protect the rights of the women in the state, the STA board has approved of this act. Cab owners will have to put stickers informing passengers about the lock system near the door handles on all four sides of the car. Also, pasting two more on the front and rear end will also be allowed.

This was decided upon because it’s been seen that the presence of child lock increases possibilities of crime against women, as passengers cannot open cab doors from inside if the child lock feature is enabled! 

Soon, you’ll see this change in all the cabs! Good for us passengers! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times