So Delhi

Time To Bring Out Fluffy Mufflers & Woolly Socks Delhi, It's Literally Freezing Out!

Delhiites, it’s freezing out there - finally! Time to get the overcoats out people! 

This winter season was relatively less cold as compared to the previous years. But the capital city saw the temps fall down to a freezing 4 degrees celsius *brrr*! Gurgaon also saw a similar dip, down to 5 degrees, making the 11th of January the coldest day of the season *woah*. 

With the minimum at 4 degrees and the max at 16, it surely was a really cold and windy day! Snapchat saw a bunch of posts with the temperature filter shining through. It’s said that the temperature won’t fall much further, but winters are surely here to stay for a while. 

Get your beanies and super warm and fuzzy mufflers out people - winter is finally here!

Sourced via Hindustan Times