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Ticket to Healthy Feet | Pedicures @ The Park in CP Are Absolutely Rejuvenating!

Picture Credits: tookapic

There’s no denying the fact that our feet do way too much for us.! And shamelessly, we end up having yellow-tinted toenails, cracked heels and much worse. But fret not, The Park in CP has got you covered!

From the plethora of pedicures they offer, we adore their ‘Flowery Sugary Love’ one, which follows a relaxing treatment made from brown sugar, honey scrub and a paraffin wrap to moisturize. This particular pedicure is bound to render you skin uber soft and supple! 

Mostly, the pedicures last one good hour, however, if you’re looking for pure indulgence then you can opt for their ‘Organic Delight’ or ‘Luscious Coffee Cherry Fondue’!

Next time you want to simply sit back and give your feet a treat, just head to The Park in CP for a relaxing, luxurious pedicure!

Price | Rs 1,500 Onwards
Location |15, Parliament Street, CP