Picture Credits: chatorizubaan

How about a yummilicious Matar Kachori brekkie that’ll power you for a kickass day ahead? We’ll tell you just where to indulge in this particular yummy delight!

Chatpata Start To The Day | Huddled in Rohini’s Sector 7, Harsh Matar Kachori Vala has legit one of the most satisfying kachoris! Complete with mint chutney, imli chutney, coriander and onions, this kachori will set you back by a meagre 30 bucks and this is AWESOME!

So grab something chatpata and spicy for breakfast by sauntering over to this petite lil foodie stall!

Price | Rs 30 For 3 Pieces
Where | Harsh Kachori - Sector 7, Rohini