DU aspirants, are you planning to apply to the university of your dreams via the sports quota this upcoming session? Then we have some news for you! There are some changes in the DU admissions process in terms of the sports quota this year. Read ahead to know what’s brewing!

Only Specific Skill Sets Will Get You In | This year, students with specific skill sets ONLY will be eligible to apply under the quota. So here’s the scene. Colleges will issue specific requirements to the university, considering which a particular candidate will be chosen. 

Confused? Let us explain! So for instance, if a college volleyball team needs a lifter, only those aspirants with that skill set will be eligible for applying under the sports quota. 

Earlier, aspirants would audition for all seats on offer at DU, and after clearing the trials, he or she would be allotted colleges, irrespective of the skill set that the college needs. But from now on, it’s the college’s need which is being given importance. 

You guys will have to specify your skill set at the time you apply for the trials. We know this might worry you since there’s a possibility that you might not fall into a particular position and may hence miss out on admission. But fret not, DU peeps are positive that there would be enough options to admit people otherwise positions can be altered to accommodate more students. 

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that you guys manage to secure a seat in the college of your dreams!

Sourced Via The Times Of India