Diwali is a festival of lights, a festival of celebrations and most importantly, a festival of giving! And by giving, we usually give to people who already have everything they need. What we’re trying to say is, why add more clothes to the already overflowing wardrobe of your sister or why spend thousands at yet another big screen TV? Give to someone who really needs it. And here’s how Mohawk is doing their bit and motivating us to follow suit!

What They’re All About | Mohawk is a brand that’s known to make stylish office bags that don’t gouge a gigantic hole in your budget, so if you’re looking for a bag that’s gorgeous-looking AND is affordable, then Mohawk is where you must head to! But what we’re totally lovin’ is that the good peeps at Mohawk aren’t giving you any offer or deal this Diwali, instead, they’re giving you a study kit that you pass on to an underprivileged child *yeah, we smiled a big smile too*! 

So basically, when you buy a bag from their website, they send along a school kit that has a school bag, two notebooks, one sipper and one stationary box that you can give to someone who actually needs it! 

Go order up a nice, classy office bag for yourself and gift a little child some ambition this Diwali!

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