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This Was Sorely Needed: Delhi To Get Its Very Own Wild Bird Rescue Centre Soon

Picture Credits: The Better India

The capital is soon to get a wild bird rescue centre! YES! Time to up Delhi’s wildlife game, a wild bird rescue centre that will provide medical care to birds injured or rescued from illegal trade has been initiated by the Delhi Environment and Forest Minister, Imran Hussain.

The bird rescue centre at Rajokri is being developed by the Forest Department and the Public Works Department together. This facility will provide care and medication for birds and a dense tree cover in order to make sure the difference between day and night temperature doesn’t hamper the health of the birds.

Various other facilities will also be introduced that would look at taking care of endangered species, since Delhi is considered as the alleged grey market hub for birds, and people have been scared about owls being smuggled from the city, hence here comes the wild bird rescue centre! Good going Delhi.

Sourced Via The Hindu