So Delhi

This Was Sorely Needed! Delhi Police Officers To Be Handed Masks To Combat Pollution

Delhi Police is finally caring a little about their men on the streets patrolling, and they’ve just invested in about 15,000 nose masks! Nice!

These masks will first be given to officers posted in Police Control Room vans that have to be on the roads in Delhi around-the-clock. Presently, traffic police personnel and some in PCR vans have similar anti-pollution masks. This mask is soon to become a part of the uniform sported by these policemen! A good move indeed.

They’re trying to catch hold of N99 mask which are washable and certified by a government approved laboratory. According to the specifications listed by the police, the masks should have a carbon filter and a two-way exhale valve. The masks will be replaced every two months, depending on prevailing pollution levels.

Sounds like a good plan! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times