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We can’t even think of travelling between Delhi and Mumbai by road EVER thanks to all that traffic and the long hours of travel. But now, you might want to consider a road trip with this soon-to-be-launched super expressway connecting the National and Financial Capitals of India. 

Delhi To Mumbai In 12 Hours! | This new expressway will reduce travel time on the 1,400 kms-long journey to only 12 hours! *Say whaa!* Work has already begun on the first and last stretches of the expressway, that is, between Delhi and Jaipur and Vadodara and Mumbai. Now this is something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Presently, it takes 24 hours by road and 16 hours by Rajdhani, so this super expressway is pretty much our guardian angel, saving us from all those long hours of back-breaking travel. Phew! 

Can’t wait for this expressway to be launched already!

Sourced Via India Today