Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

This Tiny Stall In Dwarka Does The Most Yummy & Loaded Kolkata Kathi Rolls For Rs 60!

For all those of you who love kathi rolls, and specially the authentic Kolkata ones, there’s this lil joint in Dwarka that whips up the best ones! Kolkata Spl. Kathi Rolls in Dwarka makes such yummy and scrumptious rolls that you’ll definitely go back for more! 

The Real Deal | If you visit the Sector 10 Market, you’ll find that one whole side of the market area is filled with street food vendors of various types, lined up next to each other. Amongst these is the one called Kolkata Kathi Roll. Mind you, there are around three stalls with the same name, but the one with “Old” written against its name is the one with the better prices and well, better grub. 

A small stall run by two, Kolkata Spl. Kathi Roll has many types of rolls to serve your tummy. It’s also fun to watch them while they’re making your roll on the hot tawa, like, who doesn’t like to see their food being whipped up? We got ourselves their most popular Single Chicken & Egg Roll, which was one hell of a satisfying roll, just for Rs 60! 

Meal For Two | Rs 150
Where | Kolkata Spl. Kathi Roll - Sector 10 Market, Dwarka