This Super Niche Store @ The Claridges Stocks The Most Boheme Apparel You've Seen!

Style Scout 25 Aug 2017

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Born in 2012, Aikeyah is a store that’s all about gorgeous boheme clothing like you’ve never seen before!

Located in The Old Story at The Claridges, this brand has some of the most exciting and innovative pieces of clothing for women. From pastel shades and silhouettes that will surely make some heads turn when you walk around in them, Aikeyah is one brand that deserves to adorn your closet ladies!

Dhoti pants and kurtas with drapes, their collection is unique and beautiful and something that you will not get anywhere else for sure! 

So go ahead and shop to your heart’s content here for some well-deserved sartorial treasures! 

Where | Aikeyah - The Old Story, The Claridges, Aurangzeb Road
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