If you love cycling but don’t know how to follow this passion in the city, then we come bearing great news - a Hyderabad-based startup, Smartbike Mobility, is all set to introduce 50 bike stations in the capital city and we are psyched! They’ve currently got 7 bike stations in Hyderabad and have finally won tender to launch 50 in Delhi! YAY! 

Dishin’ The Deets | The fact that most metropolitan cities are crowded and don’t have any bike tracks as such, the people in these cities have pretty much stopped biking here. The main intent behind this venture is to promote cycling and via this new project, they’ll be deploying 500 cycles in the city and more over time. 

All the bike stations will have a fully automated docking system that allows the users to take or return bikes super easily. The smart bikes will be fitted with a board computer and GPS connectivity. A rider can pick up one from the station and return it by simply registering either online or via their app! All you gotta pay for this is a deposit of Rs 500 and they have a pay as you use policy. 

Sounds pretty cool to us, and we just can’t wait to check this out!

Check Out Their Website | https://www.smartbikemobility.com/en/hyderabad/

Sourced Via The Hindu Business Line