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This Stall In North Campus Is Adored By Students For Delish Maggi Pasta & Masala Coke

Delhi University students listen up, we’re all set to hit your nostalgia point with a bouncer like never before. How many of you remember gorging on piping hot Maggi at Sheela Maggi Point in North Campus after classes? Well guess what?! We went there recently and there’s literally nothing better out there than some hot steaming Maggi in this chilly weather! *YAS!* 

Platefuls Of Bliss | This modest looking joint en route to the metro station is a much revered food stop for passers by and students of S.G.T.B. Khalsa College. Sheela Aunty, the owner of this joint makes lip-smacking Maggi, Maggi Pasta and her Chai is a personal favourite for many. In addition to this, the joint also serves Sev Puri and Bhel Puri besides slurp worthy drinks like Masala Coke, Masala Fanta and Masala Sprite! 

So go ahead and gobble up some super yummy Maggi here! 

Where | Sheela Maggi Point - Near The International Student’s House, North Campus