Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

This Stall In Dilli Haat Dishes Up Ah-mazingly Crispy Fried Chicken Momos For Rs 150!

Dilli Haat is known for the crazy range of artifacts and shopping items, but little did you know that there’s a joint tucked there by the state of Nagaland, serving the best momos you’ll ever have!! <3 

Dilli Haat is filled with places serving momos and this one has no doubt one of the best there! We tried the Fried Chicken Momos here and they were absolutely delicious! Served with clear soup, these were a little bigger than your usual momos and still managed to be perfectly cooked, golden-brown on the outside with juicy chicken inside. Also, don't miss out on their speciality - the Pork Raja Mircha. 

A plate of momos here will cost you Rs 150, which is good enough considering the fact that they’re filling and juicy and oh-so-yummy! 

Head on over and do give these a shot for sure! 

Price | Rs 150 
Where | Nagaland Stall - Dilli Haat, Opposite INA