Have you been thinking about getting your locks chopped but really ain’t in the mood to spend thousands? Well then, this is the best deal that you could’ve ever asked for, ladies! Nearbuy.com is giving you a chance to get a nice new haircut done for just 1 buck! AWYEAH! 

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Re 1 - No, Seriously! | Sounds unreal, right? No we’re not kidding, it’s actually true that Pinpico Salon in Krishna Nagar is offering this super cool discount where you’ll get a U shape haircut for just 1 buck till the 6th of April you guys!

Time to get the ‘new year new look’ motto in action for real! Get booking before this deal gets all sold out and get going! We’ll be there, happily getting our new look, how ‘bout you?!

Where | Pinpico Salon - D-6/5 Lal Quarter, Krishna Nagar
On Till | 6th April 
Book Your Appointment Online Here | https://goo.gl/G4GcH9