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This Restro-Pub Shall Be Serving UNLIMITED Beer For Just Rs 100 During These 3 Days!

There are a few places in town that tug at our heartstrings for all the right reasons. One such place being Ministry Of Beer in CP, an all-out pub that popped up in town earlier this year. The country’s first ever steampunk-theme based hang-out, this restro-pub became an instant hit since the moment it surfaced and they’ve just given us another reason to head on over!

Read This ASAP | MOB is going to complete 100 days of operation tomorrow and they’re in the mood to celebrate in an ultimate way that’ll please each and every one of us beer lovers! This grand celebration will feature - wait for it - UNLIMITED beer for just Rs 100 from 16th to 18th July! *WOAH* 

What You Should Know | You can get your share of bottomless domestic beer for 100 bucks on the 16th, 17th & 18th and there are no conditions placed on this offer! Please bear in mind that standard club rules shall apply.

See ya there, frothy beer mugs in hand then?!

When | 16th -18th July
Where | Ministry Of Beer, M-44, Connaught Circus, CP
Entry | Free
Ring Ring | +91 8800 012 060, +91 8800 012 061