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This Portable Theatre Co. Will Set Up A 'Digiplex' In Your Backyard For Popcorn + Movie Nights!

Movie fanatics listen up, there’s this super cool concept that we just stumbled upon and can’t wait to share with y’all. PictureTime offers to set up a movie theatre right in your backyard and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Here’s The Filmy Deets | An inflatable tent house with a 18 X 7 ft. silver screen, a Dolby sound system and a super awesome selection of movies, this company is making us melt just at the thought of this portable theatre!

The concept here is basically geared towards remote and rural areas, where these guys set up their inflatable tent to bring the experience of cinema to people who can’t make it to the theatres otherwise. And now they’re providing this facility for your lawn too. So call ‘em up and book them for your very own slumber-movie marathon!

They refer to their portable cinema as a ‘Digiplex’ and it can seat upto 100-150 people! Yeah, it’s that huge! You need a minimum of 50 X 80 ft. space, for only then can they set this whole experience for ya. Woah, now this sounds fabulous!

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