Picture Credits: hogger.blogger

Our irrevocable love for waffles can never die down. And we’re always on the lookout of some quirky and delicious waffles to make us fall in love with this sinful dessert even more! Our recent hunt made us stumble upon this mouth-watering waffle that is surely gonna make you drool, check it out! 

4 In 1 Waffles, Anyone? | Have you heard about this AMAZING Waffle 360 that Waffle King is dishing out? ‘Cause if you haven’t then it surely demands all your attention! Waffle 360 is a 4 in 1 waffle that is served with 4 kinds of different waffles like Nutella Weds Brownie, Fruit Blast, Strawberry Nutella and Chocolate Fantasy. Oh. My. God. Unbelievable, isn’t it?! 

This waffle miracle is what you need for THAT ultimate gastronomic satisfaction! So get going and attack this monster RN!

Price | Rs 360
Where | Waffle King - 14, Chander Lok, Near Chunmun Mall, Pitampura
Timings | 12:30 PM - 12 Midnight
Call Them | +919999 152 015
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Thewafking/