This Place In GGN Lets You Play Football Inside A Zorb Bubble Called Bubble Football!

We’ve all seen a zorbing bubble with people rolling down here and there, but have you ever played football in a zorbing bubble? Nope! Oh My Game in GGN has a super eventful game for you guys, called Bubble Football which we’re SUPER excited to go check out! YAS! 

The Real Deal | This game is pretty fun and is played like normal football only, except the players are encased in gigantic inflatable transparent bubbles that they have to play in. So cool! The rules here are slightly different than that of traditional football - the game is played with 5 players per team, without any goalkeepers and is played for the duration of 5 minutes for each half. 

The goal is simple - to score against your opponent whilst simultaneously knocking him/her down! So you’ve got to be quick on your feet, but at the same time chill and have loadsa fun! It’s a harmless sport, so don’t worry about the safety bit of it! 

A fun and quirky take on usual football, this is surely one sport we’re looking forward to giving a shot to! Are you in or are you in?! 

Where | Oh My Game - Shop No. 207, Second Floor, Good Earth City Center, Sector 50, Gurugram
Price Per Head | Rs 250 (For 15 Minutes)
Call Them For Reservations | +91 9910 309 099
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/OMGgurgaon/
Here’s Their Website | http://ohmygame.co.in/