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This Petite Store In SPJ's Jungi Lane Sells Adorably Pretty Handpainted Shoes & Bags!

Handpainted shoes and bags, Al Artz is the place to shop from if all you’re looking for is uniqueness and exclusivity in fashion! 

Yes, a little store tucked away in the hustle bustle of Shahpur Jat’s Jungi Lane, Al Artz is handled by independent artist Alisha Bhasin who’s all about making products that you will never find a double for, ‘cause they’re all simply one of a kind! It’s all about pleasing the client here; with ideas generated by clients that get converted into designs, these guys are doing a fabulous job at making fashion products like none other. 

They’ve got ballerina shoes with Archie and Veronica from Archies’ painted on them (aww!), then Madhubala print on shoes plus bags with comic prints - make their accessories a part of your wardrobe to give it a quirky touch right away!

Where | 5 C, Jungi House, Shahpur Jat
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