How many times have we seen men peeing on public walls in the city and cringed about it but not done anything much about it? Well, someone out there woke up and decided to do something now we have an awesome organisation called BasicShit that paints over these urinated-on walls! Nice!

Urination in public causes major pollution issues which lead to hazardous aerosol gases that get mixed into the air we breathe, thus further causing pollution. BasicShit is not only painting over urinated walls but they’re also building urinal prototypes which will guide people to pee in a way and in a urinal that won’t damage the environment! 

What they’re doing is painting over highly urinated walls and then building DIY toilets! Awesome! They’ve done a couple of these projects around the city, so kudos to BasicShit! 

Sanitation is not only a big problem in India but also a menace to individuals and society as a whole. 

P.s. - You guys can even make donations and help them achieve their goal of building DIY toilets! 

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