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What is a bibliophile’s biggest fear? Yes, you got it. Running out of books *oh the horror!*. and if you’re a true blue book lover, we know you have a similar phobia. There, there, don’t freak out. We’ve found a solution - read on and breathe a sigh of relief!

Touted To Be India’s First Online Library | Claiming to be India’s first online library, Book Me A Book lets you rent out books at ZERO delivery charges and without specifying any due date for the books! No due dates, and hence no fines. That’s so cool, OMG! 

All you have to do is request for one (or many) book titles, read at your own pace and when you’re done, schedule a pickup for them. That’s pretty much it! These guys have more than 20,000 titles in their Pandora Box so don’t worry about not being able to find your pick. 

You can also check out their membership plans whose subscription fee starts from Rs 600. We advise you go for the Super Reader plan where you can rent unlimited books per month at a charge of (just) Rs 600. Wow!

And after you’ve received your books, switch on the AC, pull your blanket over, get some coffee and dive into a bookish world!

Subscription Fee | Rs 600 Onwards
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+91 9599 652 388