Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

This Noodle Sandwich For 60 Bucks Comes Stuffed With The Yummiest Maggi Filling Ever

More often than not, most of us face days when our tummies crave some delectable and delicious food, but our pockets tell a whole different story! And this is why we’re happy to introduce you to Kev’s in Satya Niketan, an age old place that we’ve been loving ever since we discovered it AND it’s damn reasonable to boot. 

While their menu includes a bunch of yummy tummy dishes, what we loved the most here was their Noodle Sandwich! Perfectly toasted bread stuffed with our beloved Maggi! YAS!

Giving authentic Maggi a little twist, this Noodle Sandwich is surely one that we’re definitely suggesting you go devour. With a layer of cheese plus oodles of masala Maggi, this sandwich is all about flavoursome twists and turns. We took just one bite of it and were in seventh heaven! 

So when you can’t decide between Maggi and a sandwich, you can always order up the Noodle Sandwich and you’re sorted! Plus, it’s priced at ONLY 60 bucks, so here’s a dish that will fill your tummy up and won’t even cost you a bomb! Awesome!!

Price | Rs 60
Where | Kev’s - 298 Satya Niketan