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This New Waffle Joint In Def Col Dishes Up Fresh Homemade Waffles With Loadsa Toppings!

There’s nothing like biting into freshly made grub, won’t you agree? The aroma of the food hits you right at a spot that’s been craving some indulgence. But while all things fresh have our heart, there’s something extra special about freshly made waffles! Ahaan, we know that feeling and that’s just why we bring this piece of news that’s sure to interest you.

Check This Out | This cutesy lil kiosk located in Def Col serves the most fresh waffles you’ve ever tasted! Everything they serve is homemade, right from the toffee to the caramel topping, it’s all made with love. What’s even better is that they make fresh batter for every customer right before their eyes! *YAS* What’s more, you can even opt for eggless waffles while placing your order!

Take Your Pick | Called Waffle Master, this place serves 5 types of super fresh and crisp waffles in options such as Classic Caramel, Nutella Crunch, Banana Toffee (with homemade toffee) for Rs 100 for a single piece and double pieces for Rs 200. Berry Blast, with all types of berries imaginable retails for Rs 300; while Uneatable, staying true to its name comes loaded with whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate and icing sugar and retails for Rs 500 for four pieces! *Drools*

We cannot stop salivating and wanna dig into all of this ASAP! See ya there!

Price | Rs 100 Onwards
Where | Waffle Master, Beside Kent’s Fast Food, Defence Colony Market
Ring Ring | +91 9643 452 866
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Wafflemasterdefcol/