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This New Cafe Called Cha Cha Cha In Amar Colony Has 20+ Teas Including Iced Tea Latte!

Go ahead and try some Iced Tea Latte at the coolest new cafe in town in Amar Colony called Cha Cha Cha! Nice! An all out tea place, this one is definitely a cafe that being tea lovers, we’ll surely head on over to! 

With outlets in various parts of the city, and now a new one in Amar Colony too, this place is creating a rage with their yummy tea varieties. With 20+ different types of brews and mixes in hot and cold teas, these guys have something for everyone. 

How You Brewin’? | With cold iced teas like Lemon Iced Tea, Kan-Cha, Iced Tea Mojito, fruit flavoured ones like peach, pomegranate, orange and the like, these guys have ‘em all. Not only this, they’ve also got Thai Milk Iced Teas, House Blend-Kadak Chai, Assam Masala Mix, Kulhad Chai, Chai Singapuri and so many more to choose from.

Plus, on the food front, they’ve got yummy stuff like chilly cheese toast, desserts and grilled sandwiches! So head on over and check out this awesome chai place right away! 

Meal For Two | Rs 550
Where | Cha Cha Cha - Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar IV
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/ChaChaCha.India