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This New Backpackers Cafe @ The Hosteller Is Open Till 12 AM For All You Wandering Souls!

So Delhi 16 Sept 2017


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The backpacker’s hostel, The Hosteller has recently opened a super cool cafe which is open till 12 AM every night, catering to all your late night foodie needs! 

The Hosteller pretty much has everything that you’re looking for in a comfortable stay - comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, free WiFi and air conditioning, they have 'em all! Their common room has a Karaoke machine (yay!) and PS3 for the enthu gamers and an entire library of books for the bookworms! This particular stat facility is more like a dorm where you can interact with a whole bunch of travellers and swap travel stories with!

Coming to their cafe, The Hogger Cafe, it’s the cutest little cafe ever! With comfy low floor seating, quirky backpacker artwork on the walls and some leafy planters, this place is all out chilled out and screams out ‘FUN’! 

So go ahead and check it out for yourselves now! :D 

Where | The Hogger Cafe - 123/1, Saidulajab, Saket
Check Out Their FB Page |