Picture Credits: KSRTC Blog

Listen up y’all! There’s some good news for all tourists travelling from saadi Dilli to the hills or out of state. Heading to the mountains will be a lot easier now after this new initiative by Delhi Government - read on to find out why!

Bus Rides Will Be A Cakewalk | You can now say buh-bye to endless waiting and interminable lines at major bus depots in Delhi for booking seats and checking their timings. The government has come up with a new app which allows passengers to check timings of all private and state buses leaving Delhi’s ISBTs. 

Also, this super cool app will let you check the routes and fares of the buses, making things WAY less complicated for all of us! This app, which is expected to go live on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by 31st March, will have over 25,000 private and state buses under its ambit! 

In the initial stages, the passengers will be able to track buses and get platform information only from Kashmere Gate. The facility will be extended to the other two ISBTs at later stages. And finally, people will also be able to book tickets from this app! Isn’t this great? 

Waiting for the app to launch already!

Sourced Via India Today