This Luxury Pet Resort Will Puppy Sit Your Doggos & Pamper Them While You're Gone!

Editors 2 Sept 2017

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Are you pet parents worried about leaving your puppers back home while you’re on vacation? Don't be, ‘cause Pet Home Boarding is your knight in shining armour! 

Pet Home Boarding is a luxury pet resort, where pets can enjoy a cage-free vacation while you’re also out enjoying yours! They’ve got doggie day care, dog training, and grooming facilities on hand. In addition, they claim to be the first fully cage-free dog boarding facility in the city! Perfect! 

They’ll provide your pup with a ‘home’ environment so that they don’t feel out of place at all. Dogs prefer a real home and outdoor play yards over a kennel or warehouse. Every dog here spends its day playing outdoors in cage-free yards and nights sleeping in real homes with real bedrooms, and every minute of it with canine and human companionship. Pawsome! 

Sounds awesome to us, we're totally checking this out for our little cutie pie! 

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