Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

This Little Joint In Janakpuri Serves Bedmi Poori, Samosas & More ALL Under Rs 25 Each!

Listen up Delhiites, there’s a little joint in Janakpuri that’s serves awesome and satisfying street food - all under 25 bucks a pop! SAYWHAAAT!? Yes, New Gopal Ji Poori Wale in Janakpuri is  gem that’s got a whole bunch of street food delicacies that we’re totally lovin! 

Dirt Cheap Prices | With Bedmi Poori, Kachoris, Paneer Bread, Aloo Bread, Samosas and Gulab jamuns on offer, this place is all about yummy knick knacks at super cheap prices! Starting at 15 bucks and going up till Rs 25 at the most, this place is one that we’re heading over to super soon. 

Whenever you’re in the mood for eating out but not in the mood to spend too much money, this is the one place that you can totally head on over to for some yummy kachoris! 

Meal For Two | Rs 50 
Where | New Gopal Ji Poori Wale - Pankha Road, Vashisth Park, Janakpuri