Picture Credits: explore.delhi

There’s nothing as pleasing as a plateful of hot, steaming rajma chawal with some coolers and something crunchy to go with it. The dish is a well-established staple food for us bhukkads and it always ends up reminding us of our dearly beloved ghar ka khana.

If we’ve got you dreaming about a yummy plate of rajma chawal already, then here’s a FAB place where you can get the best at a pretty cheap price!

Rajma Chawal Forever Love | We know the magic of home-made food and what can be a better reminder of home than rajma chawal? This unnamed stall in Vivek Vihar serves the best Rajma Chawal and that too at ONLY Rs 70 per plate! *WHAT?!*

Their Rajma Chawal is sure to give to give you that ultimate bhukkad satisfaction, so head on over!

Price | Rs 70
Where | B Block Market, Vivek VIhar